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Welcome to Chawema

We are very pleased that you have taken the time and opportunity to visit our Homepage. Chawema e.V. is registered Kenyan organization in Hamburg. Our aims and objectives;

• To improve the situation and circumstances surrounding members and guide each other in times of crisis, inform the public and to deal with German authorities.
• To be platform for meeting of the advancement of Kenyans community with the purpose to activate programmes and projects of social interest and to participate by organizing academic forums, seminars, conferences, lectures, demonstration and public information meeting
• Establish a network for Kenyans in order to facilitate their integration into German society via dialogue or any other means
• Encourage the participation of Kenyan in various social, political and economic activities that can be beneficial to the Union

The Union shall participate in academic, political or socio-economic discussions if the subject is within the mandate of Chawema. Our main target is to empower each other in these areas to become strong and active partner in the German society and also to expand contacts between Kenya and Germany in terms of economical and political interest.

Thank you for visiting our site.
Twasema Shukrani!
Asante Sana
M.J. Obeto,
President, Chawema e.V.